You Don Ever Settle Down Reason AM

You don ever settle down reason am most mechanics sabi drive well well but na only very few of them get cars of their own now the question is how them dey take perfect their driving when people wey get their own personal car never sabi drive like that.

you don ever settle down reason am, all those boys wey dey carry first for class during primary and secondary school, wey dey read hard die come try their best to graduate with first class we no dey hear their name after school. Most of the olodo people wey no too good for class na them dey sharp sharp become senator’s, musicians, footballers, pastors and them dey make impact and we dey remember their name. Now the question is why all those lecturers, teachers dey make education hard for naija as if without certificate you no fit blow.

You don ever settle down reason am all your close friends want make you blow, make you make am for life, want make you get money but very few of them want make you go far in life pass them. If life na classroom them go want make you carry second because them wan carry first, now i no go blame them because they are only human. But the question is how we go take know our true friends?

You don ever settle down reason am many people wey we love no dey love us in return and the people wey love us we no dey love them back for some kind of reasons wey me self no fit understand.Now the question is how do two people meet themselves and fall passionately in love with each other?

You don ever settle down reason am whether song sweet or e no sweet as far as e get nice music video we go take our time to watch am. As far as those girls dey capture boys attention with boobs and nyash we go watch the video till the end. Now the question is which message this musicians they convey and what kind of impact them dey make.

You don ever settle down reason am all the good things for this life dem dey bitter and them hard. And all dey bad things dem sweet and them easy. You no fit say you dey in love without feeling pain. You no fit get money without working for it why because both love and money na good things.To lie dey easy and e sweet, to gossip dey easy and e sweet same as to cheat other people but last last e no go pay you why to dey lie and to dey gossip na bad things. Now the question be say whether we go choose to do good and reap better, or do bad and reap worse.

But first before you make any decision abeg settle down reason am.

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