Why You Need People


Why you Need People

You need people to have a home, a family, a community. You need someone to call your friend. You really need to be amongst people for it to be called company. Without people it is just yourself.
You need opponents so you can have a competition. A match, a race, a fight. Without people you will be contesting alone which means it is not a contest. We all need one another. We all need each other.
The question is why do we treat people like sub-par. why do we at times find it hard to share a smile with our neighbours. why do we fail to acknowledge the fact that we need people and everyone is important.
You need someone to admire your dress. Hail your sense of style. The mirror might give you a reflection of how you look. But only fellow human beings like you can give you the interpretation of what you look like. Your need people’s comments. You need other people’s views and opinions you cannot be right all the time.
You need friends to throw a party if not it’s just you. You need people to drink up the wine and make the dancefloor hot. You need people to celebrate with you if not it is hardly a celebration. you need people to dine with you to really make it a dinner.
You need people to listen to your voice and tell you how amazingly beautiful your voice is. And also tell you when you sound like a frog or a broken record.
You need somebody to share your problems with. To join you in your struggle. To wipe away your tears. To create memories. To really define what love means it has to be shown in your action towards people.
You need an audience to clap hands for you after a performance. You need fans to watch you. Fill the seats in the congregation. Occupy the chairs in the stadium obviously you need people.
You need people to show love, care, affection without people i doubt if love has a meaning.
You need people to say We without them all you can say is I. You need people to build a team without them you are just a soloist and you can only do as much.

You need me as much as I need you. Everyone is important

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