Who Makes A Better Cook Between Males And Females

The question about who makes a better cook between males and females is something that has been greatly debated. Traditionally the woman is in charge when it comes to the kitchen and cooking. But civilization and modernization has changed everything. Now we see males doing better at the kitchen than many females. Just recently i patronized a restaurant owned and maintained by a male. It was a mini-restaurant close to my school. I ordered for bread and egg and he prepared some very delicious and appetizing recipe for me. It was one of the very best that i have eaten in a long while. This scenario is not new in Nigeria especially when you remember all the delicious and creative meals that have been prepared by all those mai-shayi’s who also prepare indomie and one might even argue that all those Mallam’s who sell Suya and Kilishi are also cooks. After all meat is also food.So you would agree with me that the struggle of the Nigerian society has pushed many males into the kitchen and they are doing greatly there.
Now let’s give respect to whom it’s well due females and our mothers. Women do a really good job in the kitchen. I can testify to this as my mum is a queen of cooking mouth-watering dishes and salivating meals.
And in general there are more female chef’s and cook’s than males.Some women are really gifted in that department. sometimes i wonder whether it was intended by God to make women clinched to the kitchen and cooking so as to draw their men to them and keep their men with them.So the argument about who makes a better cook is a really sensitive one and we must think deep before we come out with an answer.
It’s a really tight call most women are cooks especially in the African and especially Nigerian culture where it is almost forbidden and seen like a taboo to find a woman who doesn’t know how to cook. Realistically speaking few men are cooks and most men despise the kitchen and you can not blame them. Most of them were trained away from the kitchen. So what we are saying here is when it comes to cooking women excel in quantity. We have more women in the kitchen and in restaurant’s than males. But the argument here is not who has more numbers or quantity but primarily who has more value and more quality.
So who makes a better cook the guys or the ladies. We will leave this to you our esteemed reader’s to decide. This is a really tight one. We would love to hear from you guys. Who do you think makes a better cook or chef. Males or females. Let’s hear from you in the comment box. We are undecided at this one so therefore we are leaving the decision for you our dear reader to make. Your opinion counts your comment matters. Let’s hear from you.


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