Top Ten Reasons Why Nigeria Is A Great Country

Here are a few reasons why Nigeria is a great country. Without doubt our mother-land is a great nation with great prowess and great people. We have taken out time to delve into reasons why Nigeria is a beautiful and placed blessed to be and here are the top ten.

1. Cultural diversity

Very few countries have variety of culture and traditions like Nigeria. Nigeria has 36 states with over 144 languages. She is indeed a blessed country . Without doubt am proud to be a citizen of such a diverse nation.

2. Abundant Mineral Resources and Fertile land for Agriculture

Nigeria is endowed with various mineral resources. From oil to coal, limestone to aluminium to mention a few. The land in Nigeria is extremely fertile and does well when it comes to agriculture.

3. Human Resources

The Nigerian people are hardworking and extremely talented. There is no doubt to the fact that the Nigerians have proved to be effective and efficient in many fields and aspects of life. Nigerians are a gifted lot. They are winners, hustlers and are known to be very intelligent, wise and crafty. They have the never give-up spirit.

4. Nigeria is a large country

Very few countries in Africa are bigger than Nigeria. Nigeria is a very large country with a very large land mass and two major rivers. Nigeria is referred to as the giant of Africa not just because of it’s land mass or human resources but as a result of different collective factors that makes it such a great nation.

5. Freedom

Nigeria is indeed a land of freedom. here you are free to practice any religion of your choice. You are free to marry as many wives as you can pay for as long as they consent to marriage with you. You are free to give birth to as many children as you wish or sensibly as you can cater for. You are at liberty to engage in any legal career or profession. And you can become the individual or person that your heart wishes or that you dream of becoming. Also in Nigeria you pay lower and lower taxes. Nigeria is almost a tax-free country.

6. Nigerian dishes are delicious

I love Nigerian food and would not exchange it for any other cuisine or recipe in the world. The fact that the ethnic and cultural groups are different translates to them all having their own traditional dishes. This brings a large list of mouth-watering, salivating, lip-smacking sweet-tasting dishes. Nigerian dishes are indeed a blessing to the tongue and a gift to the stomach.

7. Climatic Conditions

The weather in Nigeria is wonderful. It can be hot when in the dry season and cold when in the rainy season. But the most important thing is that her inhabitants are very comfortable with the weather and have fully adapted to the climatic conditions of their habitat. As cold or hot as it may be we Nigerians generally love the place. Not to forget things like earthquake and heavy sandstorms are unheard of. Very few natural disasters ever plaque this country.

8. Tourist Centers

From Obudu cattle ranch to Yankari game reserve to Zuma rock. The tourist attractions in this country are countless and a beauty to behold. Nigeria is indeed a blessed and beautiful country and a journey to this wonderful place would in no doubt convince you.

9. Rich Background And History

Our forefathers and ancestors were great and adventurous men and they passed on the baton to us. The journey and struggle to our independence as a nation cannot be forgotten in a hurry. The likes of Jaja of Opobo, Oba of Benin, Ooni Of Ife, Sultan of sokoto to mention a few were all incredible leaders.

10. Entreprenuerial Oppurtunities

This country is the hustlers arena, the make-it field, the green pasture for creative entrepreneurs. There are many vast opportunities in Nigeria. Opportunities which men like Aliko Dangote, Wale Adenuga to mention a few have utilized to make themselves billionaires. Many foreign investors flee to Nigeria as it provides the perfect thriving environment for their business and profit and sales are surely guaranteed.

What do you think about this views and points listed above? Do you know one more reason Why Nigeria is a great country. Let’s hear from such an intelligent person like you. Thanks


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