Top Ten Reasons Why Men Cheat

Here are top ten reasons why men cheat this article is not to justify the reasons why men cheat. Neither is it to tell you that males are
the dominant gender so they should have their way. It’s just a sincere attempt to highlight the reasons why
men cheat. The reasons why men cheat are numerous. There are various reasons why men cheat and they can
differ from one male to another. The closer you are to a man the more likely you are to find out the
reasons why men cheat and why he in particular cheats if he does. And thats a step closer to solving the
problem at hand

1. They have been heartbroken before and they don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket by  loving one person alone.

Many men are not strong enough to recover from a heartbreak. And they negatively use their past
experiences of a cheating girl-friend to punish their present girlfriend, fiancee or spouse.

2.They want to enjoy The taste and adventure of a different woman

I have heard males times without number say openly that having sex with one woman is like eating
the same food everyday. While this saying is wrong there are many selfish and ignorant men out there who
believe this.


3.They Have Money And The Lack Self-Control

Money is the reason why most broke men don’t cheat. Not because they dont want to cheat but mostly
as a result of lack of funds to cheat on their spouse. Although some men are just insatiable. No matter
the effort and strength a woman puts into satisfying them they always find an excuse to go out and cheat.
When a man has money women tend to flock around him like flies. A man with money and low self-control will
almost certainly give you a serial cheater.

4.All Their Friends Are Cheating So They Join The Crew

One of the reasons why men cheat is because most of their friends are cheating. A man in a company
of freinds who are cheating almost certainly learns from his friends and joins the crew. It is very
difficult to move around friends and not be cheating as a male. Remember the saying “Show me your friends
and i will tell you who you are”. There is another one that goes “One bag egg spoils the rest”. So most
certainly many bag eggs can spoil one good egg.

5.You Are Unable To Satisfy Your Man In Bed

If you are very poor in bedmatics, have body odour, you are not always ready to have sex, or maybe
you are too busy doing other things than having fun with your man. You are unknowingly showing your
man the way out to cheat.

6.Your Behaviour Or Character Is Bad

When your attitude or character is bad, you nag too much, you complain about every little thing and
every pin that drops. You easily get annoyed and you are always wearing a frowning face. Bad attitudes and
character makes people around you upset and pushes them away from you. Reacting negatively to life and
different situations is a sure way to push your man and people around you away.

7.They Have Been CHeating For A Long Time Now It’s Unreal Not To Cheat

Some men are addicted to cheating and even though they might try to find a way out. It seems that
they have been wired that way. Some men have been cheating since thier primary and secondary school days.
Having an affair outside is in their blood and veins. Addiction is one of the reasons why men cheat and
believe it or not such men need help.

8.Too Many Ladies Are Attracted To Them And They Cant Help But Fall For The Temptation

When your man is rich or famous or in a top position in life. This puts him in the spotlight in the
centre of attraction and attention. In the eyes of too many ladies. This is one of the reasons why
celebrity marriages and relationships dont last. There are too many ladies and guys out there dragging for
their attention.

9. If You Have Cheated On Your Man Before Expect Him To Do The Same

One of the sure reasons why men cheat is revenge. If you have cheated on your mind before it is
like you have eaten the tail of a lion it’s pride. Be on the lookout he might want to take revenge on you
by cheating on you with another woman. Studies say that ladies forgive men who cheat easily rather than
vice versa.


10. I Don’t Know All. Let’s Hear From You Our Beloved Reader In The Comment Box


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