Top 6 Reasons Why Efe Won Big Brother Naija


1.Efe Was The Realest Housemate Around. The Character Most People Can
Easily Relate to
Efe was like the voice of the street in this year’s edition of Big Brother Naija. He stood out as that regular Nigerian boy we see everyday on the street. His character connected to many young youths out there hussling. People love and voted efe because they could identify, relate and connect to him as a contestant. The whole Warri- boy thing was a big advantage to him. People believe Efe is a typical Nigerian boy who does not form, does not pretend. Says his mind and is very transparent. That is why they were behind him solidly.

2.He Had The Highest Amount Of Fan’s Supporting Him.
Efe’s fanbase was unbelievable. He continually boasted about 50% of the total 100% of votes during the evictions and it was no surprise when he won with about 57% of the total votes. People loved Efe for who he was and went all the way to vote him. Everybody watching big brother naija knew Efe was a very big threat and a great contender for the 25 million naira prize money. Not to play down on other contestants who put in a very good fight especially Bisola but just to point some notable truths about Efe. Even celebrities like Ay, Olamide and Ayiri who has promised to give him 50 Million naira were all solidly behind him.

3.His Biggest Threat and Rivals Thin Tall Tony And Bassey were Evicted.
Thin Tall Tony was arguably the contestant with the highest intellect. He was very good in the thinking and creating department. He was a very cunning lad and a master at playing those mind games with other contestants. A very noteworthy example was Bisola. Unfortunately it did not rob of well on the viewers and this generated negative emotions from BBnaija lovers and he was voted out. Another great rival of his, Bassey who was very proficient in
tasks requiring speed and strength had been voted out also. Efe had more chances of winning with these two rivals of his leaving.

4.Grace And Luck Was On His Side
Efe had been the luckiest contestant since day one. He had probably gone for eviction more than any other house-member and survived all of them. And by so doing he had effectively tested and grew his fanbase. People voting loved efe for who he was and naturally threw in a huge number of votes in his favour. From day one he just attracted love from his fans and viewers. He was also very funny. He was the comedian among the house-mates.

5.He Drew Positive Emotions From People
Being the contestant who loved to speak broken english or pidgin mixed with slangs like “based on logistics” he had a very high chance of winning BBNaija and he did so. Most Nigerians speak pidgin and they could all relate to what Efe was saying. It was as if he was communicating to viewers outside too not only the housemates.

6.Being The Last Man Standing
This played a very huge factor in his win. Being the last male in the competition meant that he was the only option to vote for a male. There was no alternative for a male. If you wanted to vote a male contestant that mean’s you had to vote for Efe. Had it been Thin Tall tony, Bassey, Kemen or the very cool and credible Bally were still around till the final day of the competition probably Efe could not have gathered such a huge amount of votes.

What do you think? Do you know any other Contestant that deserved to win BBNaija more than Efe. Who was your Favourite contestant Mine was Bally. Who is yours? Please drop your views in the comment box. Thank


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