There Is Always Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Happiness Series Episode 2

A valiant warrior, a swordsman named Jeru was fighting against an equally strong and formidable opponent who was a lady whose name was Jezebel. Their battle was fierce and it seemed like there would be no winner. It was an even battle and both soldiers stopped to catch a breathe. This was a fight to the finish as there was no one to interfere in their fight.

They were fighting in a secluded desert and a winner surely had to emerge.Then a little in-battle conversation ensued between the two warriors. The lady told the male warrior that his king was dead and that his reason for fighting was in vain. The male warrior told her that it was a lie and that the king was untouchable.

Jezebel told Jeru that she had no reason to lie to him and why would she be fighting against him if his King was still alive. Jeru being one of the kings best soldiers and closest aides collapsed in frustration.

You know the insane thing he did next? Wait for it. He gave his sword to jezebel to end his life because according to him since the king was dead he had no reason to live. Jezebel looking at the broken soldier and his request declined the offer. Why ? Because she knew Jeru was already dead inside. She walked away from Jeru and the battle. Jeru looking down in pain and frustration, looking at his sword full of anger, sorrow, disappointment and soberness. He looked at his sword one more time and ended his life.

Jeru never looked beyond what he could see. Even though presently he was in great darkness and sorrow he never envisioned that there is light at the end of the tunnel. He never thought that there is hope to start all over again. He was in so much pain that he could not endure a little longer.

We are the king and queens of our fate and our destiny. We should never allow present frustration, bad times and bad news weigh us down and bring us down.

Even though Jeru was a great soldier skilled in the art of war he was a baby inside. He couldn’t fight against his inner-man. He couldn’t accept failure, pain, disgrace, sorrow and to tell you the truth these are the real battles of life. No one smiles and laughs forever. There is a time where we all have to develop a thick shell because life will always throw us stones and make us sober.

Not giving up is a key to being happy. Believing that there is light, a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel keeps us going. Many people in life are unknowingly like Jeru the warrior giving up and letting go too easily. In life you have to make up your mind to embrace problems and challenges. Make up your mind that life might deal you deathly blows but like Fela’ssong just to be happy you will be smiling and suffering.

Make up your mind to make your life a happiness series even when life deals you an ugly set of cards make sure to play the game to the end. There is light at the end of the tunnel you just have to believe that. Have faith. You can be a conqueror at the end.

Remember job in the bible, he trusted in God even in the darkest of times and the hardest of hours. Happiness is a choice only you can decide to make that choice for yourself.

Pain, suffering, failure will always be temporary. Choose to smile and be happy in the long run and no one can still that joy away from you.

Jeru the warrior never knew or believed that there is light at the end of the tunnel that’s why he took his life. Even as a warrior he never knew that there were some battles in life where you do not have to give up. He couldn’t fightemotionally and psychologically. Don’t be like Jeru fight till the end. Never lose hope.

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