The Road To His Bed, Shocking Truth About Some Ladies


The road to his bed

A guy takes you out, buys you food, recharges your phone, showers you with gifts and in a twinkle of an eye shows you the road to his bed. Are you a robot? don’t you have a choice, where is your will or maybe you are controlled with a remote.

He offers you a lift, drops you at your destination, complements your beauty, asks for your contact, you are wowwed by his ride and sooner than later he shows you the way to his bed, where is your self-esteem? your self-worth?

He is sooo handsome, sooo cute, he dresses to kill, puts on a very nice perfume, you like his physique. You dream and fantasize about him. He says hi to you and your reply is hello, how are you? how is your day going? have you eaten? how is everything, your conversation leads to a friendship. And your friendship leads to a relationship and obviously he shows you the road to his bed. Then he moves on to the next best thing thats when you realize you are no longer the reigning song because he has a new hit track.

He is rich, he is single, has a house and a car of his own, you like him he likes you. He asks you out, before you give him a reply you are already thinking of getting married to him and moving in. You dont give your friendship time to mature. You barely know about him but you say yes though , after he shows you the road to his bed he tells you he is married with kids.

You love him, you can fight for him, You can sacrifice everything for him, he means the world to you and you believe that he is worth the stress but after he shows you the road to his bed then you realize that you missed one important factor, that you don’t mean the world to him.

You are not God-fearing, you don’t know any skill, art or trade. You have no source of income, you have sharp brains but you refuse to use it. Your biggest asset is your banging body and after he shows you the road to his bed. You want him to stay longer with you. The question is what more do you have to offer than sex?

It is not wise to sell your body when you can instead sell your talents, skills, knowledge, information, ideas and make more money. Society has made young women believe that being a runs girl is being smart but we could not be far from the truth. They are actually in the top of the food chain in the foolishness ladder because they don’t have anything special to offer. You can always attract men with your body but keeping them is a new case scenario.

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