Ten ways to ensure proper care of your penis

Your penis a vital organ and one that needs to be taken care of properly.Ten ways to ensure proper care of your penis is a very important piece of content that you should read. Many problems arise when we neglect caring for our male organ. It’s is a wise and smart practise to take care of your penis. I take care of my male organ and you should too, Here are ten ways to ensure proper care of your penis:



1. Clear the hair all over your private part.

A hairy penis or private part is most often than not a smelling and dirty one. You don’t want to have bad odour coming out from your penis anytime you undress. Clearing the hair around your penis regularly will make sure that your penis is clean. Your penis is mostly covered during the day and having hair all around will even limit air to your penis. A clean shaven penis is almost certainly a neater and cleaner one.

2. Wear clean and bright underwear or boxers

Make it a habit of wearing clean underwear’s. Your boxer is the shelter of your penis and private part. And it is very paramount to wear clean ones.

3. Make sure your penis is smelling nicely by scrubbing it with sponge and soap

You need to wash your penis properly with sponge and soap. Scrubbing your penis with sponge is paramount. It is very funny when I hear guys that say that they don’t use sponge to bathe. How are they going to clean their penis and armpits properly I always wonder.

4. Change your boxers and underwear’s everyday

Its best practice to use an underwear for one day.  Don’t wear one boxers for so many days as this will make your penis and underwear smell. Cleanliness is close to attractiveness. When you are a dirty guy many girls will be distracted from you.

5. Don’t Sleep with Jeans and thick trousers especially when the weather is hot.

Your penis needs air. Throughout the day we cover our private parts with clothes. Its best practice to sleep in light underwear’s and clothes to ensure our penis is properly aerated.

6. If you must have sex, use a condom especially when you are not sure of your partner.

Using  a condom is a very effective way to protect yourself and  your penis from gonorrhea, syphilis  and HIV and many other sexually transmitted diseases. Don’t let carelessness expose you to risks and hazards you are not supposed to take. Make sure to use a condom if you are having sex with a partner that you don’t trust.

7. Don’t Masturbate often

I would say dont masturbate at all if you can. Now you are wondering how masturbation is bad to your health and that of your penis. Well having sex with your hand or soap is totally different from having sex with a woman with a Vagina. Masturbating will train your penis to love the hand and soap over a woman with a Vagina. Masturbation is dangerous to your mind and your body. Masturbation is unreal and fantasized sex for losers and I am sure you are not a loser if you are reading this.

8. Be very careful about what you carry on your laps.

This is very common among males and young guys who carry laptops on their laps. The rays that these laptops emit are hazardous to your penis and if you keep carrying laptops and other electronic devices on your laps over time this can result to infertility as studies say. Also don’t carry heavy objects like people on your laps. This is simple since your penis is a fragile organ.

9. Don’t wear underwear that is too tight over a long period of time.

Tight underwear’s and boxers over a long period of time is a big no. Your penis should always be in comfortable and well aerated underwear. Not a tight one without space. Athletes, footballers and other sportsmen wear this for a limited period of time and this is understandable. Make sure you don’t wear tight clothing on your penis for long.

10. Avoid penis enlargement creams, drugs and the likes.

Using such creams to change the structure, size or shape of your penis is a risky deal. And the effects of such creams are highly hazardous and mostly irreversible. Many men have run into problems because they used such methods to make their penis bigger. Prevention they say is better than cure.

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What do you think of this article ten ways to ensure proper care of your penis. What other ways do you think are effective in taking care of your penis. Let’s hear from you in the comment box.

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