Ten lesson’s I have learnt from blogging in Nigeria: A Must read

Ten lesson’s I have learnt from blogging in Nigeria: Must read for all newbie bloggers

1. You are as good as your gadgets.

The more sophisticated gadgets and tools you use the more chances you have of  succeeding online.

You need a fast internet connection. You need to stay in an area  with good electricity supply or you need a way to generate electricity for yourself.  Maybe with a generator or an inverter.

You can also improvise and depend on your  laptop battery when there is no light. You need a fast laptop also this would make your life easier.

Well you can start a blog with blogger with a mobile phone but for wordpress this is almost impossible.

You need the best gadgets and the best devices to work smart as a blogger. A good Smartphone would also help alot.

2. The more you blog the more you really and actually become a blogger.

This is consistency. Blogging needs your time and your effort. It’s not a get rich quick type of thing. You need to learn what’s new on the internet.

Keep yourself updated with latest happenings and the new trends. Always be out to learn something new and always update your knowledge and improve your technical knowhow.

Have you seen the way top blogs like lindaikejisblog gets updated frequently and the way forums like nairaland keeps giving us almost hourly and at times minute to minute updates. You might not have the manpower or the time to maintain such a blogging schedule at the beginning.

But you need to work out a schedule that works for you and your readers. A schedule that you will stay committed to. You need to plan this out.

3.Very few people would take you serious when you tell them you are a blogger.

Many people will even advice you not to go into blogging. Some Nigerians are just ignorant and it surprises me because this is the 21st century. Some level of technological awareness is expected from people in this era. And many people simply just don’t have this.

I initially wanted to start blogging as far back as 2012 and I asked a staff in my Dad’s office about the blogging thing. I told him that I was interested in writing and would like to start a blog.

He told me that all those online businesses are scams and that I should not venture into something like that.
Even after all the research I had made I still got discouraged. I was young and naive and did not have the right set of people to advice me.

Well blogging is much more acceptable now especially if you earn from and it and can show the results of your labour. If not only relate your status as a blogger or internet marketer to people who can help you. Not people who will call a blogger a yahoo boy.

4. A bad hosting company will in no doubt ruin your work and efforts.

I got hacked the first time I set up my blog. Probably because I was a beginner or maybe because of my hosting company was poor I dont know which one caused this but I will blame it on both. I woke up one morning and found out that I no longer had access to the login page of my blog. I had totally lost control.

There was nothing I could do. Neither was there anything my hosting company did. This was painful. I lost all my files and I did not even have a back-up for them anywhere. after some while I started all over from scratch. I was really passionate about blogging. Then the second instance happened.

After a while I woke up to find that my blog was no more in existence and all my files had been deleted. I checked my site’s url over and over again and it displayed just a blank and empty Html page.

I called my hosting company and they told me the server where my site was hosted had issues and that my files and sites have being lost. Lesson: always have a back-up of your site’s files.

5. Be smart but don’t look for short-cuts

Like I said earlier blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s actually a tedious way to make money. You don’t have to look for easy ways and cut corners.

You might get punished severely for your actions. Don’t do bad and illegal SEO or link building.

Don’t copy and paste have some ethics and re-write what you copied at least and also leave a link indicating the source of your content. You can’t go too far with plagiarism in the online world. Sooner or later you will get penalized.

6. To become a top blogger you will need paid information. Paid tools and plug-ins,
paid themes instead of the free ones.

Check out authority blogs and brands. Check out the look and feel of their site. Do check their logo’s and website design. Does it light a bulb. They have premium plug-ins and tools. They also go ahead to buy paid tutorials from trusted sellers though.

And why ? they know that free information and tools are available to everyone and therefore is less effective. Weigh what you need as a blogger.

There will come a time when you need to invest to grow your business. Recognize this time and invest to expand your blog.

7. Dont rush into blogging without a plan

Well you can start without a plan but you can’t survive like this for long. Every building needs a good foundation.

In blogging your plan is your foundation. Your need a strategy. A content marketing strategy. A digital marketing strategy. A solid strategy to drag, pull, and attract visitors to your site.

One of the biggest complains I get from newbie bloggers is that they don’t know what to post. And why is that ? because they don’t know how to write. So it’s either they go all out and copy and paste or they just write very short and spammy content and paste.

This is indeed not helpful for your blog. And after being rejected by adsense on many occasions they just decide to quit.

(Note: adsense is not the only way to make money from a blog and you should not be frustrated if your adsense application is rejected).

You should have a monetization strategy in place. You should also have a writing plan or a content calendar if you really want to make headway. Planning is key in blogging.

8. You need blogging friends and blogging connections

You will learn a lot from friends who are in the blogging world with you. And if they so happen to be trolls who are not willing to share anything with you.

You will at least find inspiration from something they do. Someplace they go. Or probably learn from mistakes they make. It’s always nice to have friends who are into blogging like you. This kind of friendship makes the online world even smaller and more interesting.

And if you don’t have such friends make them. If you don’t have such connections find them.

9. Don’t pick up bad habits while blogging

Bad habits like looking at your computer screen for too long with the screen brightness too high. Protect your eyes from the light rays of the computer especially at midnight when you might be tempted to put the light out in the room thereby exposing your eyes to the rays of the computer.

This can be dangerous to your eyes when done consistently. And also always exercise regularly. Don’t sit down
slouching on the couch always. Eat well and eat right. Health they say is wealth.

If you make all the money from blogging finally and you don’t have good health to enjoy
it, it then means you have made no money.

This is one of the ten lesson’s I have learnt from blogging in Nigeria

10. Be Unique

You have to be a true version of yourself to succeed in blogging. This is not only in the Nigerian blogging scene but also everywhere in the world and also it applies to other careers. without doubt you really have to be unique. There is not substitute you just have to be original.

Sincerely you just have to have that unique selling point that differentiates you from other bloggers and that makes and keeps your readers coming back. Obviously you can’t post the same content that Lind Ikeji or Bellanaija publishes and expect viewers to come to your site instead of theirs.

Especially when they have better looking sites and faster loading pages. And also the post more frequently than you. What value are you actually giving to your readers.

You can’t just go and copy music from notjustok or 360nobs and expect people to download from your site when they cannot even find you in the search engines.

You really have to create something of value for your readers for them to keep coming back. This is why many bloggers start blogging and quit after two months or less.

Frustration sets in when they don’t see anybody coming to their site and have not made any money.

It’s because their blog offers no true value and all they ever post is regurgitated content that is everywhere else on the internet.

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There are many things that would frustrate you and destabilize you when you have made up your mind to blog.

You don’t have to allow the odds bring you down. Make up your mind to be big and great at blogging and definitely and in no time you will. Above are the Ten lesson’s I have learnt from blogging in Nigeria

What problems are you currently facing with your blog. Ask questions I would love to be of help.


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