Ten Great Life Lessons We Can Learn From Football



This is often over-looked by many individuals but the truth is that “No man is an island” and “everybody needs somebody”. No one individual can do everything. We all have limits to our personal ability. The good news is that where you are weak there are thousands of people who are strong in that field. Most successful people start building a team early on in life.


Yes we need someone to model, learn from his experiences, avoid his mistakes, literally walk in his footsteps. We need someone to take advice from, we need someone to counsel us, give us direction. Help us make a plan or set out an effective line of action. We all need parent figure’s when we are taking our baby steps in life.

3.Financial Status

Money matters a lot, in football, in reality, in the church, at home. Money matters everywhere. In marriages, if you could count how many couples have divorced because of money. Money affects many decisions and choices we make in life today. We all know that money is extremely important to us.

4.Individual ability (Talent and skill)

Every man is talented no doubts. But you will agree with me that talents are a gift that are not shared equally. Some person’s possess a very high level of talent and when properly developed this sets them apart from their peers. Talent and skills matters a lot and when we find ourselves lagging in such areas we should try to make friends with talented people. This could be a deciding factor of success in life.

5. Hardwork and Consistency

Every player works hard to become better in football. And any individual looking to succeed in life ought to work hard also. Working hard consistently will almost certainly achieve your dreams and goals. Remember the saying “No food for a lazy man” get up today and “Double your hussle”.

6.Uncertain Future

Nobody knows tomorrow. Nobody can even predict accurately what will happen in the next minute. Life is full of uncertainties and so is football. In football we constantly see small teams with incredibly big odds of losing come up against bigger and better teams with odds in their favour but occasionally the small teams go ahead to win the game. Such is life. Just so unpredictable.

7.God’s Favour (Luck)

Most people believe in God and also believe he blesses them with things they don’t deserve or might not have worked hard for. This is God’s favour. And if you don’t believe in God at least you know what it mean’s to be lucky. There is always an external factor, a spiritual one that is affecting our lives and this should not be over-looked. This is what we call faith believing or not believing.

8.People and Fans make you better

People who love you will make you better and stronger. And people who hate you will try to bring you down. People matter a lot in life and we are in this world for each other. People around us can be a very big and deciding factor in the results and outcomes we get in life. Try to surround yourself always with positive people. A team full of average and poor people is definitely an average team. Remember the popular saying “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”

9.Attitude is Golden

Attitude is everything. Attitude and character are extremely important. How do we react to incidents in life. How do we behave when we are around people. “Life they say is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it”. Developing good character matters a lot. Not giving up even when the odds are against us is vital for success in life.

10.Life is not fair

Life deals us different blows. We will face different challenges and problems. Come face to face with many obstacles to overcome and bridges to cross. “Nothing is fair in love and war” ever come across that saying. Nothing is really fair in life and football. But the lesson here is to never give up and to reply bad incidents with a nice counter-punch and a beautiful smile.

Which other lessons do you think football teaches us. Which club is your favourite club in football. Lets see what you think. Please drop your views in the comment box?


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