Should I Go To A Private University Or Start A Business With This Money

Going Into Business Or Investing The Money into Education In A Private University

I am from an extended Nigerian family. There are fifteen(15) children in my family. My dad is a Muslim with three wives. My mum is the second wife and i am her first son and i am a male. I have written Jamb five times after my secondary school but it is either i have a low jamb score and could not get admission that year. Or when i have a high jamb score and do well in post Utme they end up giving me courses i don’t like and would probably lead me to nowhere in life. I am frustrated and have been greatly depressed sitting at home for five years while my secondary school mates are in their final years and the few that went to private universities are now already in service. Even my younger sister just got admitted into the university this year. But unfortunately for me my case has been different.

Yesterday my dad called me for a serious meeting and he discussed with me about how i was wasting my time, my energy and my youthful days. He blamed me about my inability to get admission and he told me how worried he was about my affairs. Finally he presented me with a choice for me to think about and make. He asked me if he was to send me to one of the private schools here in Nigeria and pay my tuition and feeding fees till i graduate or he was to give me the one time sum of 5 million naira only that i would use to start a business.

I know some of my uncles who went to school and graduated and got a job and are doing really well in life. And coming from an extended family i also have relations who went to university after university but couldn’t graduate. While other’s graduated with good grades yet till today they are still roaming about looking for employment.

My dad himself is a business-man and a successful one at that. He has never seen the four-walls of a university yet he has three wives, 15 children, 4 houses that i know of and he changes cars consistently. I know that the world around us is changing and both a business and an education are important so which should i go for?

I am really confused and don’t know which one to go for. Please i need your views, comments and opinions. Help me make this important and life-changing decision. I don’t want to make a mistake thanks.


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Your views would be greatly appreciated let’s help this young lad make a better informed decision. Please drop your views in the comment box.

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