Sex Love And Virginity

A lot of girls complain that guys walk away from them simply because they refused giving them sex, some are even tempted to give away their virginity just to keep the guys.
Let me be very blunt here.
Virginity may not be the real reason to why the guys go away.  Yes, no doubt, there are several guys who want sex, and if they don’t get it, they walk away.
The problem may not be the sex or virginity.
The story of the ten virgins in the scripture reveals both the wise and the foolish were virgins, which literally means you can be a virgin and still be foolish. The other five were termed foolish for not seeing the bridegroom not because they were dis-virgined.
NO! But because they had no EXTRA-OIL.
I think the extra oil here is CHARACTER.
Most girls do not have extra-oil to sustain a relationship, while many brag about their virginity, thats all they can offer in a relationship. Aside your virginity what else do you have to offer?
Listen, virginity ends after wedding night but EXTRA-OIL continues. Away with that delusion that virginity is all a man is looking for in a woman.
KEEP your virginity but never throw-down the place of CHARACTER building, for virginity earn’s you respect only from your man, but CHARACTER gives you all- round respect.


Source = Ashagwaram Solomon = My Facebook Friend

Well what is the extra-oil we are talking about today in the modern day. the extra oil is simply what else can you do outside sex. Life scorns and frowns on mediocrity.

The whole world is not in need of another average girl or boy out there. The world is yearning for something better than before.

So dont be that beautiful girl without brains. Don’t be that educated girl without character. Don’t be that slay queen. There are obviously slay queens everywhere. Men don’t need another slay queen.

You don’t want to be just another slay queen. Instead you want to be a true queen. Don’t just be a replica of an instagram model going about living a fake life and living the hussle and bussle of life just to impress some few people.

Extra oil is developing your unique gift. Extra oil is developing that unique you. Extra oil is sharpening your talents and skills. You need extra oil. I need extra oil. Everyone needs extra oil. Go find it.

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Let’s hear your view in the comment box what do you think about extra oil

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Gerald Odeh

Am a humanitarian, a blogger, a writer and a digital marketer. A man with the goal of being better than he was yesterday. With a vision set above the skies to touch lives positively and with a mission of impacting and passing impactful and helpful messages. Hey there I really do love you whoever you are. Smiles

2 thoughts on “Sex Love And Virginity

  • August 24, 2018 at 9:49 pm

    Nice write up Gerald, well constructed from that part of the Bible, Who would have thought the extra oil means alot. However, talking about extra oil, I will like to pick out things you tag it with and give my observations.
    1. Character : I noticed you hammer on this well but Just on one side of a coin. Don’t you think that “character” thing is applicable to the male folks also? How does a person keep up with another in character if the other person is less or nothing close to having a good one? Don’t you think it should be mutual? Why do you think its just the female folk that’s always faulty in this issue and has to drink from a character building herb?
    2. Don’t be that beautiful girl without brain : as much as that sounds good to the ears, it makes me wonder how many guys out there that are really worthy of beauty and then brain at the same time. Don’t you think most guys are not building up them to that height of being handsome, smart and brainy to deserve such equivalent?
    3. Don’t be that slay queen : I don’t understand what exactly is wrong being a skateboard queen. A lady should be beautiful yet scruffy, how does that work? A guy can go on to be a swaggy guy while it’s forbidden to be a slay queen.. Or is our definition of “slay queen” contradicting?
    Lastly, virginity in the aspect of keeping a relationship isn’t even a thing to talk about as there’s nothing of such.
    Nice blog with beautiful interface.

    • August 25, 2018 at 9:45 am

      What an intelligent an openminded reply, so part of the write-up was copied and i only added my own opinion after the source was stated.
      1. Character: I guess Solomon had to hammer on the character of the brides because of the bible context. It was ten virgins getting married to a groom. And five of the virgins we of good character and wise so therefore less emphasis was placed on the groom. But even biblically the bible verse also refers to men, as women are not the only ones being expectant of salvation.
      So therefore both you and the author are right.
      He was speaking from the context of the bible story and placing emphasis on the virgins. And you are referring to reality and the message the bible verse passes. Good for both of you.

      2. Don’t be that beautiful girl without brains:
      I pointed this out in my post “The whole world is not in need of another average girl or boy out there. The world is yearning for something better than before.”
      If you think guys are not building themselves up to being smart, brainy and handsome then Fine.
      Don’t accept the advances of such guys. Be a beautiful girl with brains and go for a handsome guy with brains . everybody wins

      3. Don’t be that slay queen :
      From the post my definition of slay queen is “Don’t just be a replica of an instagram model going about living a fake life and living the hussle and bussle of life just to impress some few people”
      Slay queens and instagram models are all about the glitter, the gold, the shining wow factor, they are all about attracting people to themselves and most often do this in obscure and disheartening ways. Exposing their bodies, buying expensive items or misleading people to think they bought those items while in reality they are broke asses husting to make ends meet.
      I don’t think this is right. Nobody should live a fake live by being a slay queen. We all should be our true selves. KIngs and Queens.

      Virginity in the aspect of keeping a relationship : I guess Solomon’s point was simply that virginity should not be the only thing that ladies brought to the table as it was irrelevant after the wedding night. (But if you mean to point out that there are few virgins i do understand this)


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