Moronkeji Alaba Hezekiah A.K.A Omo-christ or Omo-Kristi is a gospel rapper with punchlines and a very strong message. He is from Osun state and a native of Ipetumodu.
Omo-Christ started rapping professionally in 2013 and he has been making waves ever since then.He is the talent behind the two hit singles Tani Jesu and Asawa. Omo-christ is a musician inspired by the word of God and most if not all of his songs has the holy spirit and the hand of God in them.
Omo-christ is the founder of Omo-Christ evangelism group. An evangelism group that was inspired from the bible verse in Mark 16:15 and he is also the head of Omo-Christ band an energetic, lively gospel band making waves and profound impact in the lives of young people and all that listen to their music.
Omo-Christ aside from being a talented musician is also a gifted actor who was the head of his drama group in fellowship. Omo-Kristi evangelizes through his music and drama ministrations as those two are part of his greatest strengths as a minister.
Omo-Christ is a minister and a gospel rapper and singer that is filled with the holy ghost. His rap verses are divinely inspired by God and thats what makes him different and unique.

Frank edwards and Bola Are are two of his greatest musical influences. He is someone who is real, dedicated and very passionate about music and the great impact it can make in the lives of people. He writes songs that touches people’s heart and takes them a step closer to God. His rap style and sense of music is rare and cannot be found almost anywhere else. Still his songs are interesting and at the same time spirit-driven and message filled. He is an artist to watch out for and anticipate his every move. Though he might yet be new in the music industry he is a really promising lad and i know he will deliver the goods. This young and budding rapper is truly a blessing to his generation.

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