Oh Yes You Can Call Me A Fuckboy

Oh Yes you can call me a fuckboy just because am a little broke and trying to get on my feet, trying to get the money and secure my tomorrow. So instead of you telling me that you don’t believe in my hustle, that you don’t believe in my dreams you choose to call me a fuckboy and that i understand.

Oh yes you can call me a fuckboy because i don’t have a car yet, i can’t afford to pay your school fees which your father should be paying. That’s harsh but true. So you hop into the yahoo boy’s car let him take you to Mr Biggs while you show him the colour of your pants. You like living in the moment, enjoying yourself to the fullest that i understand. But referring to a work in progress as a fuckboy trust me am not bothered.

Oh yes you can call me a fuckboy but remember just because of some little money you are sleeping around with old men with grey hairs, pot belly, missing teeth and a crooked and an ugly face. Well maybe that’s what it costs to actually be a slay queen, a fuck girl or a fucked up girl. Well to you am a fuckboy right and working on my cash darling so that’s not my concern.

Oh yes you can call me a fuckboy but honestly don’t expect me to fall in love or have something close to a crush for you after sleeping around with every yahoo boy you know and all those old men who are you father’s age mates i guess you have an awful sense of self-worth. And your brain is very very small because for some thousands of naira men can use your brain to prepare Akamu (pap) or cook beans and truly truly soak garri. Well you said am a fuckboy and still thinking about that.

Oh yes you can call me a fuckboy, I am not going to cry about that or whine about that but I am going to work and pray about that. So that in years to come I would have given the world reasons to see me as a real man. When you would have thought i would be graduating into a fuck-man. I would’ve metamorphosed into a real man. I will give my best in actions and not only on paper.

What do you think about this piece. Please drop your opinion in the comment box. This goes a long way to encourage me to write more juicy stuff for you. Thanks as you do so.

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