Mom killed my tomorrow – A MUST READ FOR ALL

mom killed my tomorrow

They call it spiritual,
They call it ethical.
They call it universal,
They call it motherly.
They call it usual,
They call it mutual.

shut your eyes, and think of your tomorrow.
Shut you mouth, and speak less of sorrow.
Take a bold step, and aim forward,
You know your tomorrow.

September 1999, it all started.
In the white house of “stitches and newcomers”.
My cry filled the theater,
I was successfully born.

Like the three “idiots”,
Dad carried me, and called me a doctor,
Mom looked at me, and called me a nurse,
Leaving me with no choice of my own.

I grew up, loving what i hate,
And forced to cherish what gives me agony.
Mom wants me to do her wish,
Dad wouldnt let go off me.

They thought they were making me better,
Rather, they were killing me within.
Call me dad!
For he couldn’t see my future.
Call me mom!
For killing my tomorrow.

Chemistry was made breakfast,
And biology was made my lunch.
Physics was made my dinner,
Wished they made my choice, the last supper.

Mom scolded me for failing,
Dad blasted me for repeating.
Have they forgotten i got an “A” in literature,
And a distinction in English.

They tore my essays, and called them trash.
They tore my poems, and swept them out.
They sold doughnuts with my storybook,
And turned my drawing book, to weed wrappers.

They wasted their money on tutors,
And paid millions on tuitions.
They took me to the best,
While i fall behind the rest.

Suddenly! Michael gained admission.
Mom could no longer watch me, sit my ass at home.
Special center became my home,
And expo my half brother.

At last i gained admission!
To study medicine and surgery .
Daddy was happy,
And mommy was joyous.

I knw i wouldnt make it there,
I knew i was going to fail.
But mom had “long legs”,
she could not watch me fail.

I was depressed and dead within,
I smiled and laughed though.
I was not even sure of my future,
Because those i call family, tampered with it.

I did 7 courses, but happily, i passed one.
I took interest in GNS101, and got an A.
Medical courses were written in “Latins”,
Words my brain cant comprehend.

Mom “long legs” pulled enough strings,
And her connection got the right people.
My results were upgraded,
And i was ironically among the best.

Years went by, with no experience.
Semesters went by, with no knowledge of medicine.
Blame me not, i have no interest.
laugh me not, mum pushed me into this.

I graduated as one of the best,
Thanks to mum’s strings.
I finally fufilled dad’s wish,
And made mom dream come through.

She got the name she craves “iya doctor”,
And the praises she had always wanted.
She was exalted,as the mother of the best doctor,
Little did they know the magnitude of what she has done.

Finally, the deal day came!
The Senator was rushed in,
They shouted Emergency! emergency!
And they called me to prepare for his treatment.

With fear, i cautiously walked to his ward.
And i carefully administered formaldehyde , glutaraldehyde , methanol , to the sick senator,
Little did i know they were only used in preserving the dead.

The senator was later reported dead,
And an autopsy was carried out.
They saw my flaws, and got me arrested for manslaughter,
Now i am here awaiting judgement.

The fierce looking judge had no pity,
i saw his scornful face.
Face that spelt death,
And a lip, that gives judgement.

He blamed me for my ignorance,
And sentenced me to death.
I looked at mom with regrets,
“Had she known”
Thank mom for killing my tomorrow,
Thank dad for sponsoring my death.

I should have resisted when i was old enough,
But my religion said “obey thy mother and thy father, so thy day may be long”


Author/Source   =  Unknown

So someone shared this beautiful and heart- touching poem with me and i felt like sharing this here. This teaches us true life lessons. Parent’s indeed should find out what their wards are passionate about instead of forcing them into any vocation or profession that they think would make society see their wards or children as accomplished or fulfilled.  mom killed my tomorrow is a great piece i will update the name of the author as soon as i find him/her. So what do you think of mom killed my tomorrow. Lets hear your views

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