How To Get Admission In Nigeria

Understanding How To Get Admission In Nigeria

Getting admission in Nigeria is almost as hard as getting a job.I had to write this post how to get
admission in Nigeria because i know the hardship that young Nigerians are passing through each year to
secure admission. Every year JAMB which means Joint Admissions Matriculation Board brings in either a major
or minor change. Either in the way they write their exams or in the way they register for their exams. This
makes things complicated for jambites and admission seekers. Getting admission in Nigeria can really be a
tough task especially for new-bies with very little information at their disposal. I have written this
guide to properly inform and educate anyone who is a new or fresh secondary school leaver. Here are the
do’s and dont’s and the breakdown of tips of how to get admission in Nigeria.

Getting a High Jamb Score

This can be very beneficial to you. If you want to understand how to get admission in Nigeria then the simple and
basic thing you must do is firstly get a high jamb score. By a high jamb score i mean a very high jamb
score. A score that is far above the average of people applying for your intended course of study. Let’s
say you want to study engineering and the cut-off mark for jamb is 240 for that course and the average
perfomance on candidates looking for admission in that field is 250-260 you ought to be aiming for a score
of around 300 above. If you want to be admitted into the institution of your choice getting a high Jamb
score is very important especially now that Post Utme have been scraped. Once you get an amazing score in
Jamb you stand a high chance of making the merit list of your institution of choice. At worst you might not be given the course of study of your choice but you will almost certainly be admitted into the university.

Take Screening Exercises Seriously

Screening is another aspect where student’s lose their prospective admissions. If you want to know how to
get admission in Nigeria then you must go the extra mile of checking the do’s and dont’s of your preferred
institution of choice.

  • You must know how many Credits are required for you to be admitted into a particular
  • How old you must be before you would be given admission
  • The time limit you have to accept and register for the admission if and when accepted

This are some little but very important things that make people to lose admissions they have been granted
year in year out. Make a proper background research of the institution of choice you want to go into.
contact students who are already in your chosen institution of choice prefarable offering the same course
with you and see what they have to tell you.

Connection is a sure way into Many Nigerian Institutions

Do you have someone you can trust in the school who is a lecturer, H.O.D, Dean of students affairs,
probably you have relations with the Vice Chancellor of the institution. All these people know ways to get
you into their institution especially when your jamb score is at least above the cut-off mark. If you have
someone in a high position in the school of your choice. The your chance of getting admission is almost
certain. But beware of fraud. They are many scammers in higher institutions who would tell you heaven and
earth that they can give you admission even you have not written jamb or when your Jamb score is very very
low. Most of the time they just want to part away with your money. Don’t trust them, be wise be smart. Make
sure your sources are reliable and verified before giving them a dime.

Your Higher institution of choice determines your chances of getting admission

Many freshers and admission seekers dont know this. Knowing how to get admission in Nigeria is a very
informative piece that would save you a lot of stress and time. Schools in the North have lower cut-off
marks and you have more chances of getting admission there compared to schools in the west, east and
southern parts of Nigeria. Again education is also very cheap in the north. Also the competition to get
admission into universities and higher institutions is low as lower number of students apply for these
admission slots. And here again most of the lecturer’s are not concerned about collecting bribe from
students. having highlighted the advantages of schooling in the north. The major disadvantage of schooling
in the north is security. Safety in the north can be a concern especially in the far north. In the east and
west though competition is at it’s peak. Thousands and thousands of students are competing for limited
admission slots. It’s a little wonder why cut-off marks in these area’s increase yearly and their school
fees are on the rise. Check yourself are you an average student or above average. Can your jamb score be
really really high. Do you have connections if they are not so high. A major reason why many student’s dont
get admission is not becaused they failed Jamb. Rather it is usually because their institution of choice is
overcrowded. A situation where over 25,000 to 35,000 student’s are competing for 2000-3000 admission slots
is very common in Nigerian institutions. You can do the maths yourself. You would see how many people will
inevitable go home unhappy. Don’t just pick a school because you like it. Check out how many people are
looking for admission there and how many admission slot’s are available. Then ask yourself are you ready
for the competition. It is a good thing to be smart. And reading this article alone tells me you are smart.

How To Get Admission In Nigeria Through Polytechnics and Colleges Of educations

The hassle and bustle for admissions here is incredibly lower. You have 3-4 times the chances of getting
admission into polytechnics and colleges of education than you have in getting into universities. But then
again we all know about the discrimination that the Nigerian society gives to graduates of polytechnics and
graduates of colleges of education. And if you don’t know the labor market in Nigeria favors graduates
from Universities and is extremely harsh towards graduates of polytechnics and colleges of education. Most
of the times graduates of polytechnics and colleges of educations are only offered teaching jobs or low-
paying jobs that most graduates would want to avoid. (This is not an attempt to insult graduate of colleges
of educations or polytechnics but an honest effort to say the truth.) So the smart move here is to get into
polytechnics or colleges of educations in an attempt to get an ND/OND or NCE certificate after which you
can now apply for direct entry into the university of your choice. Another option is to be in the
polytechnics or colleges of education and still be writing jamb into the universities. I have seen many
people do this. Time is money, instead of sitting at home doing nothing, you could be in the poly or
college of education studying and also preparing for Jamb exams.

Note: If you plan to get and ND/OND so as to transfer into the university then prepare to come out with at
least Upper credit with is the equivalent of second class upper as most universities dont accept second-
class lower and results worse than that.

IJMB, Remedial programs And Pre-degree programs

IJMB is usually a one and a half year or a two year program that admission seekers run in school’s prior
to getting admission. If you pass the IJMB exams you have a high chance of getting admitted to 200 level in
the university of your choice. Remedial is another program also that requires one year after which exams
are given to the students. Candidates who took remedial exams are still required to write Jamb before they
are given admission. Pre-degree is also very similar to remedial. All these three programs are school
specific. Make research properly before starting an IJMB, Remedial or pre-degree program as some
universities do not approve of some of such programs or only recognize one or two among them. Be on the
safe side and find out which one of the following your institution of choice recognizes.

Private Universities Have Much Lower Stress In getting into

Many private universities have higher standards, better infrastructures, more effective and efficient
curriculums and with no doubt a faster time duration in terms of semesters and sessions. And the caption is
that these private universities are not affected by the constant and frequent strikes that affects
goverment universities in Nigeria. If you want to get admission in Nigeria and you have the financial
capability of going into a private university then it is a wise idea. Money is the only real barrier
discouraging people from going to private universities. If you have crossed the financial requirements.
It’s a nice thing to explore one of the various private universities in Nigeria.

Going Out Of Nigeria To School

I know this post is about how to get admission in Nigeria but you can also consider going out of
Nigeria to school. If money is not a problem you can consider travelling abroad for an education. Employers
in the Nigerian labour market value certificates from outside Nigeria. Especially those graduates with
B.Sc’s or the equivalent from European and Asian universities. This is because Nigerians know that these
countries have a much higher education standard than theirs. Proper research is needed before going outside
the country to school. Each country abroad comes with it’s own challenging situation for Nigerians and
foreigners as a whole. Sooner than later we would be addressing challenges facing Nigerians schooling abroad.

Here are some helpful sites with articles to further help guide you


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Has this guide been helpful, what are you views and opinions, do you have any problem you can ask us using the comment box. Thank you


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