How To Become A Celebrity In Any Industry

How to become a celebrity in Nigeria and any part of the world. How do people actually go from being nobody to somebody everybody else knows. How does the girl or guy across the road become a world-wide sensation and a sought after star. It doesn’t matter what industry we are in or what trade we ply . The principles to become popular and famous are all the same.

People become popular, famous, relevant, successful all for the same reasons although through different means, different lines of actions and different patterns but the principles are all the same. I want to use this post to highlight the principles so any dick or harry and tom and jerry can know how to become a celebrity in any industry in Nigeria and also anywhere in the world.

           1.  You have to be different

To become a celebrity from a nobody you have to be unique, different, outstanding. If there is nothing special about you how do people identify you as a role-model, an icon or someone to look up to. The truth is to become popular you have to set yourself aside from all of the rest. Many celebrities know this and that is why they try their best to differentiate themselves and their brands to a very high extent. Little wonder you see musicians styling their hair differently, dressing abnormally, talking or singing in a way that is only peculiar to them. You see footballers putting on weird tattoos, styling their hair to stand out from the crowd and walking the mile to separate themselves from others so they can be easily remembered and print a lasting memory in our minds.

       2.  Do more

If you really want to know how to become a celebrity then you should also be ready to do more. Celebrities are the kings and queens of attention in our mordern society and that is sometimes because they have done more than the average person. Take a look at trophies, accolades and awards that are adorned these celebrities and you would find out it is as a result of they work they have done.

Most celebrities are people who have done more and are probably still doing more than the average person’s in their industry or niche> That’s one of the ways they build credibility and prominence in their art. So if you want to know how to become a celebrity you should learn how to do more than the rest of the park. Get your work out there, get your actions, ideas and decisions out there and make sure it;s something great you have done not something mediocre.

       3. Serve people

Want to go up the right way. Then you have to learn how to serve people. Care about people’s wants, needs, desires and provide solutions to them and you are a sure way up. People matter, by serving people better and more efficiently you become better loved, more desired and remembered. Find out what people care about and see if you have the means of satisfying their care, desire or want. If you want to know how to become a celebrity then you must learn that people matter. Find out problems people are facing and see how you can remedy those problems. This is also a good way to build a business and a brand.

There are many ways people can become celebrities i have only highlighted three principles here. Let’s hear from the beautiful mind behind the computer, tablet or mobile phone. What do you think ?


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