He Did It by Jubel-Jazzy

He Did It – Jubel-Jazzy

He Did It by Jubel-Jazzy another hit track produced by the boss himself. The musical genius behind so many various hits and mega-jams. Here he comes again with this soul-touching song. This is another Gospel Hip-hop track produced, mixed and mastered by the I Know crooner . After the release of his track 4 years here comes another praise jam by Jubel-Jazzy himself this one is titled He Did It – Jubel-Jazzy. This guy is young, handsome talented and obviously a musical genius. He is blessed and loved by many who have listened to any of his songs or tapped from his arsenal of creativity and musical genius.

Jubel jazzy aside from being a musician is also a music producer and he takes the credit for producing this song. He has worked with diverse musical talents in and outside of Nigeria. Jubel or Jubel-Jazzy as he is fondly called is also a multi-instrumentalist. He plays the keyboard, bass guitar and lead guitar to mention a few instruments he has skills in. The lead guitar is his baby and most treasured instrument and he plays both acoustic and lead to a very high extent. Other songs produced by the he did it crooner are

Jubel-jazzy 4-years.mp3 (104 downloads)


jubel-jazzy I know.mp3 (33 downloads)

You can get in touch with Jubel-Jazzy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media handles.

He-did-it-Jubel-Jazzy.mp3 (34 downloads)

He Did It by Jubel-Jazzy is  a gratitude song dedicated by Jubel-Jazzy to his maker and creator for his unending joy, favour, mercy, love and kindness upon his life. Sit back, relax, grab your earpiece and listen to this song by this wonderful young artist. Thumbs up to you

Comment on this song let’s see what you think. Was it a great job by the artist or more work still has to be done. Lets hear from you, your opinions are important



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