Family and friends

Even if the world rejects me i know i can still come back to my family and frriends with open arms and they would accept me.

i might crack boring jokes that might make others frown or even get angry at me, but when i tell you these same jokes you smile and laugh out loudly and you laugh out from you heart not because my jokes are funny but because you think am lovely, am wonderful and this makes you laugh.

When others think am surely going to fail and am definitely going to fall you still believe in me, even when i don’t believe in myself  you have faith in me, little wonder why you are my family and friends.

People see me from the outside no wonder they judge me freely, condemn me with no second thoughts and don’t really give a damn about my feelings, emotions and even my point of view and at best all they can show me is sympathy. But you guys see me from the inside. You guys can understand and relate to me from a heart to heart level. You guys show me empathy. You give me a pat on my back and prove to me that truly you see the world from inside my shoes.

The world might be such a harsh place and we all know life is truly unfair but with true friends, family and loved ones i and also you have a very good reason to keep on going and keep on struggling. Keep on fighting the good fight.

Most times i might be a misfit, people reject me because of my looks, my skin colour, my style of dressing, my accent, my I.Q, my believes, my character and attitude towards life, my bank account but you choose to accept me and look above worldly virtues and temporary status not because am worth it but because you truly love me.

People are mostly here for the good times and merry moments, but i can beat my chest and say you would be here during the bad times. How do i know this, it’s because you’ve been through shit with me before times without number.

When i am in need i know where to stretch out my hands to. When i am lonely i know where to find quality company. When i am sad and frustrated i know where to go and find laughter and joy. When i need advice and an honest opinion about my habits, characters and actions i know those who would give me their voice without bullshit pretence and no sugar-coated words that might please me now but would lead me to my death later.

Family are not only those who are share the same blood with you or those who have the same biological traits with you. Friends are not those who you hang out with, eat with, attend the same school or church with. And loved ones are not those you are in a relationship with and those who say i love you and things like that. In the world we live in today there are very few good people and few good men but naturally we all can detect fakeness, fake love and pretence. Even the dumbest of us can point out our true friends when we give it a little time.

What do you think about this piece It’s a wonderful thing to have read this long post and i know you will leave your comments in the comment box. Thank you.

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