Does Going To Church Really Mean We Are Righteous Or Godly

Such an important question does going to church really mean we are righteous or Godly. Now one may wonder why i choose to write on such sensitive topic. Some people may even question my faith and ask if am a real christian. And some other’s will definitely be interested in the church i worship. Well i am a child of God . I worship in one of the well-renowned bible-believing churches in Nigeria with branches all over the world. And i was brought up by a very prayerful, speaking-in-tongues and disciplined mum.
Being a church-goer is a different ball game as to being a christian and a lover of Christ. I see many people going to church for weird reasons and you can hardly blame them. Most parents force their children to go to church instead of inspiring them to love God. Many parents make it compulsory for all members of the family to participate in church activities and some even go as far as making it a mandatory requirement for their children and family members to be members of one church group or association or the other.
Now we have churches filled with children, teenagers and young adults but how many of these people came there on their own will very few indeed. And how many will willingly do what was preached in church after the service or mass. That’s another important that we can hardly answer. Does going to church really mean we are righteous or Godly i think many parent’s need to answer this question.
Here are some real reasons why teenagers, young adults and many people love going to church and it should not surprise you that it entirely has nothing to do with God.
1. To show off beautiful clothing and their great sense of fashion and style
2. To see, meet with or find a boyfriend or girlfriend.
3. They love the choir, the way the choir sings and would probably want to join them.
4. They want to learn an instrument, a skill art or trade example something like decoration, sound engineering, graphic design e.t.c and the church teaches it for free.
5. They are looking for oppurtunities, a job, promotion of their album,song or concert and people in the church have connections.
6.They follow thier friends to church because their friends are going to church.

It’s time people stopped living fake lives and develop a genuine love for God. Christianity is a religion of peace and freedom. so let’s ask ourselves does going to church really mean we are righteous or Godly. I wonder why parents and so-called pastors of nowadays choose to use force in most of what they do. I wonder why they coerce people to do their will and call it God’s will.
Let’s take a look at the story of the good samaritan that is what it means to love God and love your neighbour. What do you do when people are not around you.
Looking at the life of Jesus Christ let’s see if we can point out any instance where he used forced to make people love God or follow him. It’s a big No. Jesus inspired people to follow God. He never forced them. Jesus by his words and actions led us directly to God. That was the perfect means of leadership. The ultimate way to show us the truth and the right way to persuade anyone.

Does going to church really mean we are righteous ? if it does why are some unbelievers better people than some churchgoers?

You see Christians doing all sort of unbelievable things even in church because they have not answered the question ?does going to church really mean we are righteous or Godly.
No wonder today we see so-called Christians living double lives and deeply soaked in mediocrity. They are going to church Yes, but their minds are not ready to receive the word of God. Remember the parable of the sower(Mathew 13:1-23). No wonder Jesus said that not all those who call me father father will see the Kingdom of heaven and that is because many religious people are too fake and superstitious. They know all the verses of the bible crammed in thier head but they do not love God and they definitely do not show kindness or love to the neighbor beside them.
Going to church in Nigeria is like our culture and our tradition. If you do not go to church society labels you as a bad person. And people say all kinds of things about you. so once again does going to church mean we are righteous or Godly.The problem here is does going to church build our habits and our character? Yes it does when we are in church with the right frame of mind. And unfortunately many people go to church for the wrong reasons and in the wrong frame of mind. Many of those so-called sisters and brothers in church know their true colors and true behaviours in the real world and they know the kind of fake lives they live. Rick Warren the author of purpose driven life wrote in an interview that God is not interested in who we become but rather what we become and how we become that person. So you see our character is questioned. God is interested in our character and what we do.
It is definitely not easy to serve to God. And i dont put myself up as a judge. Judge not so that ye may not be judged (Mathew 7:1). What i am trying to stress out is that people should go to church for the right reasons. Not because a close friend of yours is going to church so you think you should go to church too without making up your mind to receive christ.We all should know why we are going to church to solidify our faith and strengthen our roots in God. The bible says nobody will enter God’s Kingdom by merit but rather by grace(ephesians 2:8-9) and this grace will surely abound when we love God truely from our hearts and love our neighbour also. It doesnt matter if we have sinned. The Bible tells us that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God(Romans 3:23). We are no exception. God wants us to love him from our hearts not from our minds. If we as human beings know when someone doesn’t truly love us what about God. Remember the story of the two thieves who died beside jesus in the bible(luke 23:32-43). One of the two thieves went to heaven because of his good heart and respect for the truth. Nothing else. Many people think he went to heaven luckily but that point of view is flawed. He went to heaven because his heart was pure and deep inside him he was humble.
When you see people running to church leave them. Find a way that you can run to God. Religious education is the way man has taught us to love God while spiritual education is the way each man connects to God our creator. I go to church too and i am even in the choir. I am not encouraging you to stop going to church but rather to go to church for the right reasons. Go to church because you have made a personal decision to go to church because you want to and also because you Love God. Don’t go to church because someone told you to or because others are going to church.

does going to church really mean we are righteous or Godly? What do you think about this piece of write-up please lets know your point of view in the comment box.


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  • July 3, 2017 at 11:08 am

    I believe people should go to church for the right reasons and not because most of their friends are going. Nice post


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