CLASUM Launches classified advert platform, A new online classifieds ads platform has launched a classified adverts marketplace which connects local people to buy, sell and exchange goods and services, making it fast and easy for anyone to post ads through their mobile phone or on the web. which simply means classified market place was founded to create a sustainable value for the Nigerian community in order to tackle the latent Nigerian online marketplace. has over 50 various items ranging from cars, mobile phones, laptops, computers and properties

How to post FREE ad on Clasum
1. Go to on your web or mobile browser
2. Sign in using Facebook, Google or create a new account
3. Take a photo of your product with your phone or select an image from your library
4. Add a product title to your item
5. Select the appropriate category
6. Add a price tag and select if it is negotiable
7. Add the description of the item
8. Add your location
9. Finally click on “submit”. Your ad will be automatically published.

The strong and developing team is poised to make Clasum the number one classified online marketplace in Nigeria where buyers and sellers can find amazing deals.

Clasum is the place to go when you want to buy goods that are worth your money. You can also post your own ads or advertisement about different goods and services sit back relax and wait for prospective customers to call you and bid for your goods.

Clasum intends to connect buyers and sellers together. It is a marketplace with intends to leave both the marketer and consumer satisfied.
So what are you waiting for?
Do you have any goods that you are no longer in need of but still have market value?

Do you have any products that are highly sought after and are looking for a place to sell them?

Do you need quick cash and/or are you willing to exchange your goods for money?

Do you like any product on Clasum and own another product that you will like to exchange or swap for it?

Do you have any good or service that is rare and difficult to find because of it’s age or quality like old model of car’s or highly sought after pictures or artefacts

Do you need a reliable website where you can consistently market and advertise your products, goods and services?
Are you in search of ready to buy audiences and customers because of the potential or quality of your goods and services?

Are you working on a new project and are you in need of a reliable partner or platform to market your work?
Whatever need you have concerned with buying and selling in Nigeria.

Clasum is your trusted and reliable classified advertisement platform, vendor and marketer. So don’t waste any more time.
Sign up and register with clasum to immediately begin buying and selling of goods and services.

And instantly start making that desired money and profits. Things just got a whole lot easier, smarter and faster with Clasum. Don’t board the train, come fly with the plane. Clasum “you want it, we got it”

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