Cheating Women : Top 5 Reasons Why Ladies Cheat

Cheating women displaying their curves and assets openly for all to see and behold in the broad day light is not a strange thing anymore.

Alibabagcfr One thing I know is that its unhygienic to keep food, that you want any African man to eat uncovered. That’s why an African father will chop small from it and leave some for his children. Go figure

In figuring in out Alibaba is placing more emphasis to the uncovered boobs on display by that lady than the uncovered plate of food or pepper soup she has in her hands.
I love this Instagram post by Alibaba. It says a lot about cheating women and women who have a low sense of self-worth. Walking about unclad and exposing all your assets is a No no in the Nigerian society. And this can be likened to the fact that traditional black men and black African’s never eat uncovered food. We love our food covered, hygienic and well-kept and preserved. Black men place pride in value that’s why early in our history it was a thing of great joy for women to get married as virgins. Nowadays the whole story has gotten a major twist but so what Black’s men’s value and pride have not really changed. Women who go about cheating and jumping from one man to another are best often than not side chicks. No man wants to marry a whore or a cheating woman that all his friends have slept with.

As a lady you have to place pride and value in yourself. Black men or Nigerian men don’t want you revealing their whole assets (Your body) to the world. And if you do this they see you as cheap and a piece of worthless item that anybody can acquire. That’s why when you dress half-naked most often than not you attract guys who just want to get under your skirts and leave you alone.

If you want to be a feminists go and practice your feminism abroad. The black and Nigerian society doesn’t easily adapt to bullshit. We have cultures and traditions. We have do’s and don’ts. Even the educated high-class know this and they play along.

If you want to attract a responsible adult black men as a husband first of all you have to be a responsible adult black woman and not one of those cheating, slutty women. Be the change you want to see.

Let’s Take a look at reason’s why women cheat

Peer pressure

A woman who walks and hangs out with a group of other females that cheat with most certainly join the ring
of cheater’s and sluts. Bad company ruins good manners. If a lady hangs out with ronze girls and the likes
in time she will most certainly learn from this her friends and join them in plying their trade.


Most women in Nigeria especially those under the age of 25 are financially dependent on men. This is a very
bad and negative situation. As men exploit women a lot because of their financial weakness or predicament.
It’s no longer news that many cheating women started sleeping around because they had bills to pay and
lying down with a man was the easiest way to settle their bills.

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