Celebrity Marriage – Movie Review

Celebrity marriage Odunlade Adekola and Toyin aimakhu Nollywood Movie

This promises to be a trilling and interesting comedic movie. We are sure to be entertained and wowwed by two of Nollywood’s best and popular actors in the person of Odunlade Adekola and Toyin Aimakhu AKA Toyin Abraham.
Uchenna Mbunabo is the producer of this highly anticipated and jaw-breaking Nollywood movie and he is the brain behind the project of the movie Celebrity marriage. A video clip or short trailer of the movie celebrity marriage has been released and you can do a short search on YouTube for the mouthwatering movie and watch the clip there.
Nigerians have always had a thing for comedy and no doubts the combination of these two great and comedic actors will result in a rib-breaking blockbuster of a movie. Toyin Aimakhu released the graphics and picture art of the movie on her instagram page and the Movie is set to hit cinema’s by 10th November. It will definitely be a great one to watch.

From the short video clip released on the movie celebrity marriage we can see Odunlade Adekola and Toyin Aimakhu engaged in an argument when they receive a guest and immediately they both change their moods and pretended as if all is well and they are really happy and enjoying the company of one another. So from that we grab a picture of the fake lives that couples portray and live. Especially when both parties are rich and famous. Celebrity marriage is one of a kind of a movie and i have a feeling this one would live up to expectation. Even this short clip is really funny. Make sure to watch the movie when it comes out


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Lets hear what you have to say in the comment box. Do you think this movie will live up to the billing or it’s just going to be one among the others. Your Opinions are welcomed.

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