assurance or insurance

Assurance Or Insurance : Chioma’s Meals For Davido

The Davido and chioma’s love story is it one of assurance or insurance  what do you get from that? It’s not a new story of the highly infectious and almost flammable love affair between Davido and his girlfriend Chioma. But out  of all the Nigerian beauties, Tanzanian models, Kenyan queens, Ghanian princesses all over Africa […]

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mursi tribe

Wow So Touching See What Girls In The Mursi Tribe Of Ethiopia Go Through

  The mursi tribe are an African tribe from the isolated Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia near the border with Sudan. There are an estimated 10,000 members of this beautiful, sedentary tribe, body and face decorations are a source of endless fascination. Long may they, and their wonderful culture live on. Just 10,000 members of […]

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there is always light at the end of the tunnel

There Is Always Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Happiness Series Episode 2

A valiant warrior, a swordsman named Jeru was fighting against an equally strong and formidable opponent who was a lady whose name was Jezebel. Their battle was fierce and it seemed like there would be no winner. It was an even battle and both soldiers stopped to catch a breathe. This was a fight to […]


23 Nigerian Female Celebrities who inspire natural black hair care

Here are 23 Nigerian Female Celebrities who inspire natural black hair care. This is a wonderful list of celebrities and public figures who will inspire you to towards natural black hair care. Be proud of your hair as a black lady as these celebrities have exemplified. You can do away with relaxers, wigs and attachments or […]

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cheating women

Cheating Women : Top 5 Reasons Why Ladies Cheat

Cheating women displaying their curves and assets openly for all to see and behold in the broad day light is not a strange thing anymore. Alibabagcfr One thing I know is that its unhygienic to keep food, that you want any African man to eat uncovered. That’s why an African father will chop small from […]

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