23 Nigerian Female Celebrities who inspire natural black hair care

Here are 23 Nigerian Female Celebrities who inspire natural black hair care. This is a wonderful list of celebrities and public figures who will inspire you to towards natural black hair care. Be proud of your hair as a black lady as these celebrities have exemplified. You can do away with relaxers, wigs and attachments or […]

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cheating women

Cheating Women : Top 5 Reasons Why Ladies Cheat

Cheating women displaying their curves and assets openly for all to see and behold in the broad day light is not a strange thing anymore. Alibabagcfr One thing I know is that its unhygienic to keep food, that you want any African man to eat uncovered. That’s why an African father will chop small from […]

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tips to be happy

10 tips to be happy in Life

Here are 10 tips to be happy in life. Life throws us stones and rubs mud on our faces. But we are left with the choice to either get back on our feet and clean ourselves up. Or lie down on the ground complaining and enjoying the stink and stench from down below. 1. TRAVELING […]

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celebrity marriage

Celebrity Marriage – Movie Review

Celebrity marriage Odunlade Adekola and Toyin aimakhu Nollywood Movie This promises to be a trilling and interesting comedic movie. We are sure to be entertained and wowwed by two of Nollywood’s best and popular actors in the person of Odunlade Adekola and Toyin Aimakhu AKA Toyin Abraham. Uchenna Mbunabo is the producer of this highly […]

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