Are Churches Richer Than Clubs Or Vice-Versa

Lets us examine the kind of fees and money we pay to in both churches and clubs to get an idea of where
more money is spent. Some people argue to the last that the church is richer than the club and that is why
you can find many men of God driving private jets, riding the best of cars, building the best houses and
churches. But let’s not forget musicians and all sort of celebrities who patronize these clubs have done
far better in living a luxurious life than most of these pastors. So let’s examine some points on how money
is spent both in the club and in the church.


  • We pay money for tithes and offering
  • Here we donate money for church building and church projects
  • People pay money in appreciation of prayers especially when delivered from sickness or our problems are solved
  • We appreciate God in church by giving thanksgiving offerings
  • Politicians and top government officials lobby for votes and support by sponsoring church projects
  • In church people spend money buying things like Bibles, spiritual books, holy water which do not cost that


  • Competition is greatly encouraged here, peer pressure and intimidation makes people spend money in clubs
  • People visit the clubs mostly on Fridays. Which means they empty more of their money in clubs and bars
    firstly before going to church.
  • Alcohol and cigarette clouds people’s judgement making them to spend more than desired in clubs
  • The clubs are more fun and entertaining than churches and this makes people to spend more.
  • Most stolen funds and illegal money find’s it’s way to the club
  • people spend money buying things like alcoholic drinks, alcoholic wines, cigarettes, food, meat e.t.c which
    are sold at exorbitant prices.

Our Judgement

The clubs are generally richer in general than churches and mosques. Musicians, Dancers, footballers,
internet scammers and all kinds of well-known people patronize clubs spending large amounts of money there
constantly. They buy drinks and cigarettes at outrageous prices. These clouds their sense of judgement
making them to spend more and more.The clubs are also very addictive since people go there to relax and
have fun.
There is no doubt that the church will impact our lives positively compared to the club but the question
here is which one do people spend more dollars in and we have chosen the Club.

What do you think? Do you agree with us on our verdict and judgement or do you think that churches are richer. Please it’s a debate and an argument we need your opinion. Let’s hear from you in the comment box. Thank you

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