Amazing, see how Bashir a young graduate inspires others

Bashir Rabiu is an inspiration to many young Nigerian youths. Instead of sitting down at home relaxing and waiting for mummy and daddy to provide food for him, pay his bills and cater for all his other needs. He has done the opposite and taken on a extremely narrow path that very few young boys of nowadays would follow especially a graduate for that matter.
Bashir is a shining light and a defination of a true role model. After his in Banking and finance from Nasarawa state university Keffi where he is currently awaiting his call-up letter for NYSC ¬†instead of sitting at home idle he has decided to follow his hobby and passion of being a car mechanic for the time being. While society might take being a mechanic as a vocation for illiterates and a trade that the poor class engage in and young boys and girls might have all their eyes fixed on white-collar jobs and not dirty jobs like being a car mechanic these critisms and harsh opinions has rather fueled Bashir’s drive to follow his passion rather than killing it. While other graduates are loitering around the streets of Nigeria looking for someone to cage them with an office job and put a meagre salary in their bank account. And some others are with their laptops and internet connection looking for innocent and fragile people to scam and steal from nicknaming the act yahoo. This young lad has chosen to be different. He has defied the odds and picked up a trade, picked up a handwork of his passion and one in his heart.

Bashir is truly an emblem of positivity and courage and an example for many youths to follow. He has chosen to do something worthwhile instead of being idle and begging for an employment (which is most at times a green card to a life of mediocrity).

This young lad might be a motor mechanic for now but you don’t expect him to function like an ordinary roadside mechanic with his knowledge and exposure gotten from his acquisition of a certificate and his no-nonsense, no-forming, rugged, street-wise hussling attitude. I bet he will do great in his line of work. He presently flaunts his mechanic workshop as an automobile repair company. That alone tells you he is branding his business to stand out from the rest.

Morale Of the Story
When people tell you that you would never make it tell them that you are going to be somebody. I am not advising all young-able bodied Nigerian youths to be mechanics neither am i advising people to be less ambitious or mediocre. All am saying is nothing should stop you or hinder you from chasing your dreams, passions and goals. This young lad has been a wonderful example to us all. Instead of waiting for the jobs that politicians are reserving for their children why not impact the world in your own little but efficient way. why not create jobs.

What do you think about this piece. Did Bashir inspire you ? Do you think it was wise of him to be practising as a mechanic even with a ? let’s hear your view in the comment box. Thank you

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