Ade’s Love Story

Chapter 1

Linda woke him up from bed. He was wondering what this girl had to say now. She told him to go and take his bath. Should I boil water for you Linda asked? You need to take your bath and change into something simpler, are you going to sleep in those jeans. Ade slowly stood up and took his bathe. He never really liked a hot water bath. After his bathe he returned to bed with only his boxers and his singlet. He had never being in such a situation with a girl before. Spending the night at a girls house. This was new to him. He soon fell asleep.

This time around he woke up to ease himself at about 1.0clock in the night. As he finished easing himself and came back to lie down. Linda too also stood up and went to ease herself also. She too had taken her bathe and changed into her night gown. When she returned back from the toilet to bed, she drew herself close to Ade and gave him a kiss. Ade replied back with an even hotter kiss. Both of them were already in underwear’s and her soft, womanly body was a big turn on to Ade.

They kept rolling and romancing on the bed for a long while. Soon things got heated up and they could no longer hold themselves. Sooner than later Ade found himself in between Linda’s legs. That soft moisturizing place with that wet feeling. He did some up and down thrusts and she gave some loud moans into the air. This time he lasted longer than he did earlier. He got this feeling that she enjoyed him much more than earlier. Ade was feeling like a superhero.

Linda’s moans and loud shouts made him feel like a mighty giant and he enjoyed it. Though he couldn’t control himself much longer and soon enough he released and it was all over. They both went to the bathroom to clean themselves up and came back to sleep. Sex with Linda was really sweet and out of this world but was this really what he wanted he thought as he fell back to sleep.

The next day was a Sunday, exhausted from the night before Ade woke up at about 9.0clock in the morning. Already too late for him to go to church. Linda was not in bed. She had already woken up he figured out that she must be around the house and he could hear some noises outside. He went into the bathroom and washed his face. He did not bring his toothbrush; neither did he bring any extra clothes as he did not plan to sleep over at Linda’s house.

He knew he had to go home right away. Tomorrow is Monday he had lectures and there were many things he had to do at home. He could hear Linda’s voice outside she was talking to another guy. It seems they were arguing about something. But he couldn’t really pick up the words. Ade decided to wait for Linda to come back inside as he was not familiar with the neighbours in her compound.
He waited for about 20 minutes and she had not come back inside. He grew impatient and he decided to greet her outside and inform her he was leaving.

On his way out he saw Linda deeply engrossed in an argument with a guy. He couldn’t really figure out who the guy was but as he drew closer he certainly got the picture. Out of all the guys on campus this was the last one he expected to see. It was David. David said to Linda “so you’ve been cheating on me with this idiot, this riff-raff and you’ve played along with me as if I was the only guy in your life and as if you truly loved me. So you were just deceiving me and being a bitch right”

Linda said “David you know I really love you and I have been there for you anytime you need me but it’s you that pushed me to do this You’ve been womanizing all over campus with different girls and you cant deny this. You’ve dated and slept with my closest friends. You pushed me to the wall and you left me no choice she said” as tears rolled down her eyes.

Damn Linda you fucked up David said. When my guys told me that one good for nothing, broke ass, JJC, Loser Nigga (referring to Ade) was sleeping at your house. I told them that it’s a lie and that you are my one and true bae and that you don’t do things like that. I decided to talk to you. Yesterday I called and called you but you didn’t pick then I suspected they might be saying the truth. I was angry and bitter and I couldn’t sleep most of the night. That is why first thing this morning I decided to pay you a visit. What is it that you want that I won’t buy for you? All those other girls are just my friends nothing more (Linda knew this was a lie) but she just decided to ignore it in order to avoid another different argument.

Ade was just standing there listening to their talk. Linda made him understand that he was only a substitute earlier and the main man or player in her life was David. It pained him that he had to receive this insults from David. And also it was a sad thing to be in such an ugly situation. He never wanted to be a number two boyfriend; neither did he want to be the one obstructing other people’s relationship. But it was not his fault. He truly loved Linda and she never told him about David her boyfriend. Not until they were deep into the relationship and he was deep in love.

Now he took some steps to leave Linda’s place. He was tired of all this drama on this Sunday morning. He was walking away sadly and angrily when he got a blow to his head from the back. It was David who gave him this punch and this sent him straight to the ground. “Omo guy you don knack my babe ahbi i go make sure say I comot blood from your body” said David angrily.


Chapter Two

What is going to happen in Episode 2 of Ade’s Love Story. With the tensed up situation between Ade and David I can only wonder what it going to happen next in episode 2 of Ade’s Love story. Please Drop your comment in the comment box.

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