Ade’s Love Story – Chapter two


Chapter Two

David kicked Ade hardly on his stomach and his ribs. He was kicking and matching him mercilessly and never intended to stop. Linda just stood there like a statue she was short of words. Ade knew that on the ground receiving kicks was not the position for any man who wanted to live long. He managed to get back on his feet. He was no match for David. The guy was bigger and stronger. It showed in his body that he visited the gyms regularly. He was well-built with large arms and a broad chest. David was solid on the ground. Ade While being the taller guy was lanky and slim. He never visited the gym neither did he do much exercises.

But Ade had made up his mind he was not running away, definitely not while Linda was there watching. He didn’t want her to think he was a coward. Though David was number one on her list he was just one guy he said to himself. Ade rushed David furiously shouting “You dey maaadddd” He threw some punches at the guy which met the air. David was quick on his feet and he dodged them. He also blocked most of Ade’s punches with his fists. This was no Indian film neither was it a hero movie Ade soon discovered. Rushing towards David was not the wisest of actions.

The fist punches that David gave Ade were as if someone was throwing rocks at him. Or as if someone was using pestle to pound yam in a mortar. In this case David was the pestle and he was the yam. Jeeessssuuuusssss he shouted. He didn’t go to church today and spent the night fornicating and here was he shouting God’s name out of pain and desperation. A fight was a fight though and he was not the type to run away.

Most of the neighbours in the compound had gone to church but somehow the few ones around were unwilling to come out. Where the neighbours girls and afraid or where they just heartless? How can two people be fighting on a Sunday morning and there was no one to separate them. Which kind life be this ? Ade asked himself. Is it until he faints or worse that someone will separate them. In starting a fight with David he had bitten more than he could chew.

“David stopppp” Linda yelled. At that point in time David was recycling punches to Ade’s face like Mike Tyson or  Mohammed Ali. The fight was as if they were playing mortal combat video game and Ade’s pad or controller was not working while David’s was working properly. Ade was receiving a proper beating. Linda’s voice had saved Ade. Linda’s voice seemed to calm David like a raging storm.

This didn’t calm Ade though. His name was not David and Linda had not offered him a word ever since David’s arrival this morning. Even though he just stopped receiving brutality he was now more jealous, angry and bitter and he channelled all the negative emotions towards David. As David turned to talk to Linda, Ade seized the opportunity and gave David a heading. A very painful head butt. gbbooommmm. It sounded.

Ade didn’t know he had such skills in his arsenal. Where did he learn to head like this he never knew. The nodding or heading was painful to Ade but Ade took joy from the pain as this would be more painful to David. It made David dizzy for some seconds.

David staggered some steps back. And he said “Guy you don diiieeeee, na me you head like this” he wanted to rush Ade and break some bones in the feeble boys body for good. But Linda held him tightly and she shouted “Ade please go home”. The fight was over. Linda had ended the fight with her action holding David. And her words, telling Ade to go home. The two guys found no reason to continue hurting each other. Since the person they were fighting for had already picked her man. Ade finally got some words and attention from Linda and David was in Linda’s arms and he knew she would take care of him.

Both parties were not happy but it seemed Linda had ended this battle. If there was going to be a war it was going to be for another day. Ade looked at both of them angrily and disgusted. He arranged his clothes while he took his leave out of the gate. What an unfortunate turnout of things.

On his way out he saw David’s car parked outside. He recognized it. The glasses were tinted but the back glass was whined down. And to his surprise there were two guys at the back seat. And now the front door opened. Damn he was dead. He had fought with David.  who was too strong for him and now his friends had come to end his life with beating. He was tired and weak what a bad day. Even though yester night had been amazing how come this morning had grown so sour. He watched helplessly as the guy from the car walked closer to him but suddenly he turned to ease himself at a nearby bush.

They had been playing music loudly in the car and that is why they didn’t hear the noise coming out from Linda’s compound. If those guys had noticed he had been fighting David.Maybe he would be admitted in the nearby hospital now. More so if David comes out and alerts these guys of him he could  be admitted in a hospital.

He walked as fast as his legs could carry him. He did not run so as not to arouse any suspicion from these guys. They could be yahoo boys, cultists or worse. He took the nearest bend. Then he entered into a sprint. He stopped the first bike he saw and directed him to his house without negotiating the price. He was safe for today or better still for now.


Chapter One

What is going to happen next in chapter three of Ade’s love story. What do you think of the characters Ade, Linda and David In Ade’s love story. Let’s hear from you in the comment box

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