Ade’s love story – Chapter Three

A Walk In Ade’s Life

Ade is a typical Nigerian boy, he is tall black and handsome. Ade is the kind of guy the ladies spend the day talking about and the night dreaming about. He is 6 foot 1 and dresses to kill. Very intelligent, full of bright ideas and at his age 21. As a young lad he is bubbling with potential.

He is in Obafemi Awolowo University studying Civil engineering. And he is a 200 level student with big visions and great dreams.

Ade has a very promising future ahead of him and he is full of potential. He is sound spiritually, physically, mentally and socially.

At his age in the Nigerian society Ade is not yet a complete man. He is still in the moulding part of his life. Financially, like the typical Nigerian boy he still relies on his parents for money. His parents are both civil servants and they also have three other children beside him. Ade’s pocket money is enough to take care of him and his needs.

By nature Ade is kind, loving, shy, he chooses his words wisely and is not the talkative lousy type. He is very emotional though he is very single also.

Ade is a jerk when it comes to expressing his feelings especially to the opposite sex. He bundles up his love and feelings inside his heart. Even when he seriously has a crush on a girl. He pretends not to like her and just keeps the relationship with her mutual.

The only time Ade has ever been in a relationship in his life was in secondary school when his friends teased him and use all kinds of antics for him to ask

his secondary crush Ann out.

He eventually went out with Ann but it turned out Ade was too introverted and gentle and Ann was in search for an adventurous, spicy relationship. And as beautiful and intelligent as Ann was she attracted a whole lot of guys. Sooner than later their relationship hit the rocks. Ann was being chased by the bad guys she wanted and Ade was being a good guy. He didn’t have the attitude or charisma to keep her. They broke up almost immediately they started dating.

In the University presently Linda was Ade’s crush, his heart-rob. She was light-skinned, of average height; also she had a very high intellect. And she was open-minded and easy going. She had a great sense of humor.

Ade had lost his heart to her from the very first moment he saw her.Whenever Ade was around Linda he just could not concentrate on what he was doing. It was as if time paused.

Ade would just focus all his energy, attention and time admiring her. He knew there was something special about her. And he had a really deep crush on her.

He would normally daydream about her, telling himself how beautiful she was and how happy he would be if he was dating her.

Ade got really distracted by her presence and it didn’t help matters that they were in the same class. One such occasion after they had finished their lectures for the day. Ade decided to make use of the free wifi in school to download some movies and surf the internet.

Being an introvert he really loved chatting and he quickly got carried away on facebook viewing pictures of his old friends and replying to messages he had not read and friend requests he had not answered. Most of the students in his class had gone home after the days lectures and the classrooms were empty.

He did not know how carried away he was until he felt a pat on his back. And guess who? it was his crush Linda. It was like a dream to him but she was there staring and smiling at him. They were so many people in his department and prior to this he had never once shared a word with Linda. Even though he knew much about her and admired her heavily. No opportunity had ever come up for them to talk. Luckily though here was one and it was in real life not fantasy land this time around.

Ade was lost in reality he wanted to say something but he couldn’t. He could all but stare and admire her. He noticed how beautiful she was, how light-skinned and bright her face was. How her long hair was dressed in such a mannered and attractive way. Linda said hi to Ade and he stammered a lot before he could reply to her. He found the words hard to come by. Finally he said hello.

what do you think of Ade’s Love Story – Chapter three ? Is Ade and Linda going to get along well. Have you ever being in Ade or Linda’s shoes in real life. Let’s hear from you. Your comment matters ?

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