Ade’s Love Story Chapter Four

Ade’s Love Story Chapter Four
She introduced herself as linda (Ade already knew her name since they were in the same class, He knew a bit about her from his friends). Ade told her his name. She nodded her head and smiled and then asked Ade if she could make use of his pen to complete what she was writing. Ade willingly gave her his pen. As she wanted to leave she noticed Ade was on facebook but she didn’t say anything all she did was collect the pen and return to her seat.

After linda was through with the pen she came back to return it to Ade and she noticed Ade was still face-booking. She smiled at Ade and collected his phone and she searched for profile on facebook and sent herself a friend request with Ade’s phone. Ade’s heart beat a hundred times in one second. He was so happy though he did not show it. Linda said to Ade make sure you like my posts when you see them. Ade could only smile in return. She waved Ade goodbye as she packed her things and left the class.

Ade started going through all Linda’s pictures on facebook. He couldn’t just get her out of his head. He thought she was too beautiful, well-mannered and intelligent. She was the kind of girl he wanted and now she was his friend on facebook. He thought about how he would draw closer to her from facebook and then eventually ask her out online since he did not have the guts of doing that face to face he could do that on social media.

He was just too happy to have her as his friend on facebook and he was filled with high hopes on how he would ask his dream girl out. The day was far spent and Ade picked up his things and left for home all this while thinking of one person, Linda.

As Ade got home he prepared noodles and eggs and ate. He was so tired after the hussle and lectures. He was hearing music from his neighbourhood and he knew it was his friend Frank who was playing such loud music. Frank was a lousy, extroverted guy who was promiscous and had numerous girlfriends. Although noise was not his major concern now he had his heart fixed on linda.

He plugged his phone charger and connected his phone and switched on his mobile hotspot then he connected his laptop to the internet. He logged on his facebook account and immediately went to Linda’s profile. He saw her full name Linda Ezeh. A bob popped up in his mind. she was an igbo girl from Anambra state. She lived in Abuja. He continued to view her profile info and her pictures.

Most of her pictures were very beautiful and attractive. He saw one picture with 783 facebook likes. He was amazed. His highest likes on facebook was 48 and that was because he tagged his friend Frank and some other friends of his. Ade was really crushing on Linda. He went from picture to picture admiring them consciously and liking them unconsciously. He was into her.

He noticed her online presence was not green and no longer gray. Linda was online. He was happy and anxious. Should he ask her hi, would she reply him? Was she as friendly as she appeared to be in class today ? He made up his mind to rise about his fears and shyness. He sent her “Hello, how was your day” And she replied in a matter of minutes “Fine Ade, And yours ” they exchanged pleasantries upon pleasantries and their conversation was lively.

Ade was a much more interesting person online and their chat was very exciting and fun to linda. They chatted for a long while. At about eleven 0’clock linda asked Ade if he had done his assignments. Ade replied affirmative. He had done his assignments and he asked if she had done hers she said no and he offered to do hers. Linda was so happy, she thanked Ade and bid him goodnight.

When he finished chatting with Linda that night Ade was so happy, his face was filled with smiles and his heart filled with smiles and his heart filled with joy. He looked up to the next day in school, he looked up to seeing linda and wondered what it would feel like talking to her. Ade slept that night thinking about Linda. She was the last thing on his mind when he went to bed.

Ade woke up the next morning with an erection between his legs and Linda still on his mind. He went to the bathroom and eased himself. He found it hard to dress for school. He flipped from shirt to shirt and trouser to trouser looking for the perfect outfit. He had Linda in his mind and he wanted to make sure he appeared good and attractive before her.

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