Ade’s love story – Chapter Five

Moments With Kate

After dressing up, he locked his door and was on his way to school when he met his friend Frank on the way, Frank hailed him obooiiii “Ade himself the baddest guy” this your baff-up too much o, you wan kill person. Ade smiled in appreciation and gave Frank a friendly handshake. Frank asked Ade to wait for him so they can go to school together since they were in the same department, same level and offered the same courses. I want to do something in school Ade replied. But the lecture is by 11 o clock and this is just 9:20 Frank said. Ade wave him goodbye and left he was all dressed up and was not in the mood to be delayed by Frank.

Ade entered his yet scanty lecture hall, exchanged pleasantries with some of his course-mates and then he settled down. He noticed Linda was not yet in class. He stood up looked around and re-confirmed. The first lecture for the day was about 11 o clock and it was about 9:50 am that was the time he realized he had not eaten breakfast. Students had started trooping in, talking to each other and walking from left to right in a very haphazard manner. There was completely no order. Ade wondered how this rowdy class would evolve into a peaceful and calm atmosphere whenever the lecturer entered. But then this was a miracle that repeated itself every day.
Suddenly Ade had a nudge at his back and wondered who that would be. It was Kate. A dark skinned, tall, busty and heavily endowed chick. She was very friendly at least to Ade. She had always had a heavy crush on Ade which she never hid and had always showed Ade the green light from day one. She was beautifully dressed and spoke eloquently. Her command of English was incredible and Ade always thought of her as a lady with a very big vocabulary although her grades were drowning. She was perpetually a C student. She was not a serious student neither was she an intelligent student but what she lacked in academics she made up for in reality. She was a good communicator, strong in emotional intelligence; business minded and was born with the entrepreneurial spirit. She greeted Ade with a big smiled and told him he looked exceptionally good today. Kate’s crush on Ade was so obvious that even Ade knew in his mind that she liked him although he could not get himself into one piece or frame of mind to make any move on her. He liked her just as a friend. On Kate’s part she wished Ade would one day make the move. Although they were guys on her neck disturbing her on whatsapp and bombarding her phone with calls. Guys like Ade’s friend Frank, she was very picky and was not ready to be in a relationship with just anybody. Kate was still single though and had not given up on the idea of dating Ade. Kate sad down next to Ade and they got engaged in a conversation. They spent so many minutes talking. They talked about the lecturer’s they liked and the one’s they disliked. They also talked about the very popular class clown Kay-lex as he was called who had shared pornographic pictures on their departmental whatsapp group. Kay-lex apologised saying it was a mistake. Ade was of the view that maybe he had them on his phone and shared them mistakenly to a wrong group but Linda laughed hardly. Ade don’t be such a dumb-ass she teased everyone knows Kay-lex is dubious and has a reputation for this kind of things. Am very sure he shared those pictures intentionally after all the course-rep is his friend and would not really do anything to him she remarked. Kay-lex was one of those guys on Kate’s tail but she knew she was never going to give him a chance. Ade laughed hardly.

Ade turned his head to see a light-skinned girl in gown pass very close to him . It was Linda she didn’t offer him a word. Their class had almost began and she went straight to sit down. Ade’s mood changed and Kate observed this. Even though he was sitting physically with Kate emotionally and psychologically his heart was with Linda. Kate asked Ade if anything was wrong and why his sudden mood-swing. To Kate he had been bright, shiny and creamy like ice-cream all morning but maybe like ice-cream the sun had come up and now the sweet flavour had melted away. That’s exactly the feeling she perceived of Ade and that was really what happened when Linda stepped in and his eyes caught her. All Ade said to Kate now was that he was preparing for their lecture. Interestingly the Lecturer stepped in and the noise ended and the storm or rowdiness calmed down. The marketplace was now a grave-yard.
Dr Kingsley their Lecturer was a no nonsense man and all his students knew this. It was an interesting lecture and Ade understood all that was taught. Although it was not the same story for kate by his side she was visibly lost and prayed that the lecture would come to an end. At the end of the lecture she heaved a sigh of relief as if someone or something had been choking her ever since. She told Ade she was going to the school cafeteria to eat and asked him if he would come along. What a kind gesture Ade thought, of all his female friends in school this was the only one that ever offered to buy him anything and he knew deep in his mind that as a guy he ought to be doing the buying. He was not going to accept Kate’s offer though. Thanks kate he said even though he was very hungry. His mind automatically switched back to Linda the girl whom had his heart. Only if she knew that, Ade thought. There were no more lectures for the day and Linda was on his mind and she was also right there in class. Ade wanted to make a good impression of himself to Linda.

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Is Ade going to make a move on Linda? Is Kate doing the right thing by Showing Ade she Cares ? What do you think of  Ade’s love story – chapter five ?

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