23 Nigerian Female Celebrities who inspire natural black hair care

Here are 23 Nigerian Female Celebrities who inspire natural black hair care. This is a wonderful list of celebrities and public figures who will inspire you to towards natural black hair care. Be proud of your hair as a black lady as these celebrities have exemplified. You can do away with relaxers, wigs and attachments or you can reduce their usage. If they can do it you can do it. Strive for natural black hair care and maintain your natural beautiful hair if you can.

Omoni Oboli

omonioboliOmoni Oboli is a beautiful Nigerian actress and Naturalista. She is also a scriptwriter, movie director, movie producer and a trained digital filmmaker at the New York film academy. Omoni Oboli was born on April 22nd 1978 and she is married to Nnamdi Oboli. She is a very beautiful actress and have been and inspiration to all those are keeping or intending to keep their natural black hair. She has grown and maintained her hair for a long while and it’s definitely an asset she should is proud of. Omoni Oboli is a gorgeous mother and a beautiful rolemodel.She also calls herself a fashionprenuer, No wonder she maintains such an amazing look with wonderful natural hair to go with it. She is the ceo of CEO of Dioni Visions. She is a naturalista and her natural black hair care goals are important to her.




Chioma Akpotha

chiomaakpothaChioma Chukwuka ocassionally called Chioma Akpotha is a seasoned Nigerian actress, movie director and movie producer. She is a beauty to behold. She exudes confidence, beauty, intelligence and charisma with her looks and especially her long, shiny natural hair. She is a big inspiration to Nigerian girls and ladies who are planning to grow and maintain their natural hair. She does so well in natural black hair care. She dropped an inspiring write-up for ladies who are embarking on the natural hair journey. Chiomakpotha : This one is just to encourage my sisters who are on this natural hair journey with me. Don’t give up! Whether you are transitioning or you are just not feeling the hair now, just be patient. Enjoy every moment of it. Love your hair like you’d lova a boo. Treat it right, talk to it, water it, keep it moisturized always, find natural products that are good for your hair type (you can never go wrong with shea butter and coconut oil.) She dropped a long advice on her instagram handle @ chioma akpotha and you can follow her to read more of it.

Nse-Ikpe Etim

nseikpeetimThis beautiful lady is a Nigerian actress. She is a promising and highly talented Nigerian actress and she interprets her roles in movies effortlessly and amazingly. She is a beauty to behold and she is also a naturalista. Nse is up there in the natural hair gang and i know many girls are out there envying her beautiful and well kept hair. You too can keep and maintain your natural hair like Nse does this year 2018.







Mbong Amata

mbongamataThis Nigerian actress is charming and very attractive one. She has starred in many Nigerian films like Black Gold, Inale, Black November, The amazing grace to mention a few. She was born in 1985 and was married to Jeta amata although their marriage hit the rocks their union is blessed with a child. Mbong Amata is not only a natural hair queen she is also a previous queen of the Most beautiful girl pageant in 2003 and also the 2nd runner up in the 2004 miss Nigeria.





Munachi Abi

natural black hair careMunachi abii is a household name is Nigeria. She is a beauty to behold. She is an ex-winner of the highly prestiguous Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria Award (MBGN). She is a rapper, a singer, a songwriter and more. Munachi abii is one of those people who have been an inspiration to many girls in different areas of life. And obviously she is a lday that loves and treats her natural hair right






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2 thoughts on “23 Nigerian Female Celebrities who inspire natural black hair care

  • February 3, 2018 at 7:12 pm

    A Natural hair journey is definitely one every African woman should embark on and if not remain there for the rest of her life, take a safe trip back!

    • May 23, 2018 at 2:01 am

      Our hair is beautiful the sooner we accept that the better for us. Women need to learn to be real and natural like our ancestor’s were


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